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May 11, 2063

Deckart-Kimura Electronetics has recently announced a delay in the release of its 'WetWire' branded firewall products due to some inconclusive results during the testing process. "We are committed to providing a robust, quality product," says D-KE spokesperson Ozzy Karolis. "This product will be released when it is finished and no sooner."

In the interim, testing for this product has been suspended and previous test subjects are being asked to remember the confidentiality agreement implicit in the testing process. A copy of the Deckart-Kimura Electronetics policy on confidentiality and penalties for non-adherence is available upon request.

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April 29, 2063

Weaver Applied Robotics has issued an immediate recall on all model X04A Refuse Management Utility Bots today, after identifying a programming anomaly that can make them susceptible to rogue behaviors. These behaviors can range from the violent to the perverse, with some sources suggesting that these actions could be a sign of the X04A exhibiting an ability to mimic or experience base human emotions such as lust, jealousy, or envy.

Citizens who find themselves confronted by one of these robots should remember that any robot can represent a serious, physical danger. The Moirae Foundation would also like to remind citizens that the X04A is a costly and complex device; we urge you to balance these factors when responding to any situation involving company property.

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April 28, 2063

It was a Division One Killzone! extravaganza last night in the Toyama district where newcomer Katarzyna Ferenczy and second-time contestant Dalibor 'Dali' Mestrovic brought down the house- literally! Explosions, mass-murder, explosions, cybernetic attack dogs, and more explosions filled the Toyama Munitions Plant until the victorious duo destroyed the entire arena in a cataclysmic finale! Surviving kill-cams are still being dug out of the rubble to tally results, but current estimates bring the death toll to a whopping 63!

This is a team to watch for the Doubles Gauntlet event, ladies and gentlemen. Get in contact with your bookies today!

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April 23, 2063

The Moirae Foundation would like to remind citizens that the Saga District is designated as a Code Orange hazard. In addition to a rise in gang or criminal related activity, dramatically increased sightings of the following threat classes have been noted over the past three months: HNBE (Hostile Non-Human Biological Entity), HPBE (Hostile Post-Human Biological Entity), HNBE (Hostile Non-Biological Entity). Reports indicate these threats are beginning to spill over into the adjacent Toyama and Ishikawa districts. The Moirae Foundation would like to urge citizens living on the outskirts of these districts to seal their homes in the evenings and restrict unnecessary travel.

Stay tuned for a public service announcement about the dangers of Saga District featuring operatives Miseri Wynn, John Denton, and Destri Bael.

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